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November 2, 2022

American Superbike Racing Association (ASRA) is excited to announce a series of changes for the 2023 race season. Under new ownership and management, ASRA/CCS will be transitioning to an exclusively digital race registration system and mobile check in which will begin the enhanced participant experience at races.

In further efforts to streamline the racer’s experience, CCS racers will have access to a new account registration available through the redesigned CCS web site in combination with social media support. Participants will be able to get results and other information during race weekends quickly, often in real time.

In addition to some dynamic new classes which will reflect current FIM class structures, CCS will also be introducing a new contingency reporting program as well as a series of cash contingency paying races to be run at every CCS race weekend.

As the current leader in Sportsman level motorcycle racing, CCS is dedicated to the implementation of changes utilizing both technology and feedback from racers to insure the highest quality and safest measures available while maintaining the high level of competition and structure that CCS racers have come to expect.

ASRA/CCS would like to take this opportunity to thank Kevin Elliott for his many years of service and commitment to the advancement and promotion of the road racing community.

Forthcoming releases will explain more about the upcoming changes for the 2023 CCS race season. Please note our new central email address and phone number. Please direct all questions and comments below.

Thank you for your support!
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