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New National Champions Crowned at Daytona

The exciting racing at the 39th Race of Champions resulted in
many New National Champions

Congratulations to all!

2022 Championship Cup Series
National Champions

Alex Ferreira
Antal Halasz
C. J. Cohen
Cameron Armstrong
Carl Soltisz
Carlos Salvatierra Jr.
Chris White
Christian Tria
David Loikits
David West
Ed Sullivan
Elisa Gendron-Belen Hunter Propst
Kevin Horney
Mark Evry
Max Angles
Nicolai Greco
Ray Hofman
Sean Stettnichs
Shane Thomes
Stefano Mesa
Thomas Annis
Trenton Keesee
Trevor Standish
Yohann Guarracino

2022 ASRA National Champions

ASRA SuperStock EX – Stefano Mesa
ASRA SportBike EX – Greg Venverloh
ASRA Thunderbike EX – Mark Evry
ASRA Moto 3 EX – C. J. Cohen
ASRA SuperStock AM – Roman Diankin
ASRA SportBike AM – Nicolai Greco
ASRA Thunderbike AM – David Schroeder Jr.
ASRA Moto 3 AM – David Schroeder Jr.

2022 ASRA Team Challenge
National Champions

GTO: Grease Monkey Racing (Stephen Hoffman, Capt)
GTU: Birch Racing (Dorsey Birch, Capt)
GTL: Old Duck (Doug Stufflebeam, Capt)

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