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ASRA Labor day weekend at NJMP

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  • Post last modified:March 12, 2024

Team “Birch Racing” with DJ Birch and Joe LiMandri took the overall win followed by Team “Off The Couch Racing” with second place with riders Mark Heckles and Ricky O’Hare. Team “Nice Guys Racing” came in 3rd with Nikolay Zakharyan and Munis Saiyed. 75 laps in total over the course of 2 hours.


1st. Off The Couch Racing 1:27:3

2nd. Clark Racing 1:28:6

3rd. Roll off the Couch +Washed Up. 1:29:1


1st. Birch Racing 1:26:9

2nd Nice Guys Racing 1:29:2

3rd Hazardous Racing 1:32:1

4th Coleman Powersports 1:31:9

5th Andrew Clark 1:31:9


1st Paddy Wagon 1:32:7

2nd Unicorn Racing 1:32:2

3rd Rodio Racing 1:27:5

4th J Crossman Racing 1:27:5

5th AM57 Racing 1:34:9

6th RFR 1:34:4